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pfeilAbout us


ReproLit eliminates your tedious, time consuming and expensive creative work by dealing directly with more than -40- international artists, both in-house and freelance. Original artwork and image concepts are generated in close cooperation with renowned designers worldwide, electronically processed and converted into ready-to-use graphic designs, for the improved, trendy presentation of high target stationery and textile products.

ReproLit assures you a continous flow of advanced design concepts developed for and together with leading manufacturers in the international market place.


We research for design novelties; we consider color trends as set by the latest fashions; we visit trade fairs and exhibitions to gather input; we supply our artists with an abundance of new ideas, inspirations, and the latest trend information; we work closely with the artists from the concept, to the first pencil sketch up to the finished commercially successful graphic design.


The spectrum of target-oriented design features, a pre-requisite for any consumer product to be commercially successful, is widening immensely and causes the rapid change of consumption patterns, due to the massive global influence of TV series, excessively increasing amount of cartoon characters, famous logotypes or names of figures in the public light used to attract their target group.

The attention span of customers and consumer group identification switches from one expensive impulse to another, resulting in ever escalating price tags for character merchandise. The popularity of a licensed character, name or logotype is thus being promoted and increased in value, rather than the popularity and market penetration of an identifiable manufacturer`s brand name or image.

As a true alternative, ReproLit developes sharper image concepts and offers royalty-free graphic designs to create unique, recognizeable brands and labels to suit consumer tastes and pockets in target markets.

Whatever your line of business: the experience acquired and shared by ReproLit over the past twenty years in developing new and exciting design concepts for internationally leading manufactureres of stationery and textile products can improve the attractiveness of your products in the global market place - with design features and image concepts you may never have dreamed about before.


These are just some of the many finished products which our designs concepts are applied for:

Address Books, Diaries, Pencil Cases and Pouches, Agendas, Easter Decorations, Personal Organizers, Animal Figures, Exercise Books, Photo Albumbs, Babyware, Folders, Photo Frames, Backpacks, Gift Bags & Boxes, Picture Cards, Bags, Giftwrap, Playing Cards, Balloons, Greeting Cards, Pocket Calendars, Ball Point Pens, Jigsaw Puzzles, Postcards, Bookmarks, Letter Sets, Posters, Calendars, Lunch Boxes, Presentation Boxes, Character Merchandise, Magnetic Novelties, Prints (Fine Art), Children`s Books, Melamine Ware, Promotional Gifts, Children`s Toys, Mousepads, Schoolbags, Chocolate Boxes, Mugs, Social Stationery, Christmas Cards, Notebooks, Stickers, Clocks, Notecards, Student`s Stationery, Clothing, Office Files, Tattoos, Coloring Books, Decals, Party Products, Desk Accessories, Pencils, Paper Napkins, Tin Cans, Cushions and Blankets, Party Decorations and much more...


ReproLit not only follows fashionable trends - we generate and convert them into commercially successful designs for your products.

Newly released designs and image concepts are presented at the most important international trade fairs:

- Licensing World, Frankfurt / Germany
- PaperWorld, Frankfurt / Germany
- DRUPA, Düsseldorf / Germany
- IPEX, Birmingham / UK
- ESCOLAR, Sao Paulo / Brazil
- Kantsexpo, Moscow /Russia

Additionally, regional private exhibitions are being held twice a year in most countries of Asia and Latinamerica. To improve brand-fidelity, Sharper Image Concepts are developed in close cooperation with our customers to suit their specific consumer products.

Graphic design novelties, as well as photographic creations are immediately available as high-resolution digital data and therefore permit further, inexpensive adaptation to particular products and production requirements. For the benefit of our customers we ensure exclusivity by protecting our designs electronically.

To obtain the exclusive transfer of the temporary right to commercially exploit our designs or images, a written contract is being established between both parties. Upon payment of the agreed upon one-time fee, exclusive reproduction rights are being temporarily transferred and the technical support - high-resolution digital data on CD-ROM or made-to-size color separated offset films with print proofs - submitted by courier service.

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