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Access to full design catalog

New client registration

    You can preview a great part of our designs without registration, but you are required to register yourself in order to view the entire design catalog and activate all catalog features such as large thumbnails, detailed zoom view, keyword search, related design search, pricing and purchasing.

    Registration takes only a few minutes. You need to supply your name, company details and contact information for verification. After submitting your registration it will take up to 24 hours for our customer service department to verify your details and grant full access to all features and designs of our online catalog.

    Should you not hear from us within 48 hours please do not hesitate to contact us.

Authorized Client Log-In

    When your registration information has been reviewed you will receive an email confirmation confirming your authorization to log-in to our design catalog to view all designs and use all features of our design catalog. This process can take up to 24 hours.

Design Selection

Finding the right Designs

    Search by Keywords
    Using the "Search" field you can search designs by keyword or SID number (reference number). It will return a summary of all designs connected to this keyword or reference number.

    Further you are able to search within your previous search results. For example searching for "Christmas" will return hundreds of Christmas related designs. If you now search within these results for "Tree" you can narrow down the results to show only designs which feature the topic "Christmas" and "Trees".

    Another tip: Search is based on a full-text search, for example the input of the keyword "Bike" leads to designs showing "Bikes", as well as to others showing a "Motorbike". Various parts of the design keywords will be compared by our systems, and even with incomplete names, titles, or SID numbers a successful search can usually be completed.

    Search by Categories
    All designs are organized by logical topics and can be reached by navigating the topic categories in the left-hand column.

    You can also use the "Advanced Search" option to search by categories. For example you can limit your search to Photographs only, if you do not wish to see Graphic Designs or Illustrations.

    Searching by Design Number (ID)
    If you know the Design reference number (ID) you can use the search option to find this particular design.

Pre-selecting Designs (Lightbox)

    Designs can be temporarily stored in a Lightbox, in order to have them available for viewing at a later time. Designs can also be stored in a Lightbox, and later placed in the shopping cart. Selected designs remain stored in your "Lightbox" until you remove them or place them in the Shopping Cart, even if you leave the website and return another day.

Purchasing Designs (Licensing)

Shopping Cart

    The actual contents of your shopping cart can be reviewed at any time by clicking on "Shopping Cart". When you have filled your cart to your satisfaction, you will need to Price the designs depending on your licensing needs.

Pricing Designs (Licensing Options)

    The price (Licensing Fee) of the designs is the sum of chosen requirements (Licensing Options). Licensing Options are:

    • Product Application (i.e. Gift Box vs. Gift Wrap + Box + Bag)
    • Countries the design will appear in (i.e. Germany vs. entire Europe)
    • Design Dimension / Size (i.e. 5"x10" vs. 20"x40")

Payment Methods (National / International)
    We currently offer 2 payment methods:

    1. Secure Credit Card Payment (Fast Order Processing) Payments are best made by credit card for fast order processing. ReproLit receives immediate confirmation of Credit Card payment and will immediately start processing your order.

    We accept Euro/Master Card and Visa. Please note: ReproLit does not record your credit card information! For security reasons, your sensitive data is securely transmitted to a major Credit Card Processing Authority by state of the art Secure SSL 128/256 bit encryption. The secure transmission of your data is covered by US$ 10,000 warranty.

    2. Wire Transfer
    The Wire Transfer option is also available. However, ReproLit starts the order processing only after confirmation of payment. Since confirmation of Wire Transfer payments take up to 5 working days we recommend the Credit Card payment method.

    Wire Transfer Banking Details are shown during the purchasing process.

Secure Purchase Guaranteed

    The entire purchasing process is secured with state-of-the-art Secure SSL 128/256 bit encryption.

    Please note: does not record your credit card information. For security reasons, your sensitive data is securely transmitted to a major Credit Card Processing Authority by state-of-the-art Secure SSL 128/256 bit encryption. The secure transmission of your data is covered by US$ 10,000 warranty.


Courier Service or Direct Download
    We offer 2 delivery options:

    1. Courier Service - United Parcel Service

    Here the digital image data will be supplied on CD/DVD and send by courier service (United Parcel Service) and arrive within 3-5 work days worldwide. Optionally you can choose to include high-quality color print proofs to be shipped along with your order.

    2. Direct image data download (faster)

    Here the digital image data will be made available for direct download from our website and can be immediately downloaded at your earliest convenience.


Return Policy

We do not accept returns due to the nature of digital image data which can be easily copied.

Should we mistakenly have sent you a design you did not order you do not need to return the CD/DVD, but you are not authorized to use this item in any way.

Should the data on CD/DVD somehow be corrupt (not to be expected) we will instantly re-supply you your order on CD/DVD or offer it for direct download.

Please contact our Client Service Department for any further questions.

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